Tuxedo's Corporate Events

We are a top quality high end professional rock, pop and soul band based in Yorkshire.
We bring years of big stage pop artist experience to your event, high energy and floor filling entertainment. 
Our repertoire is diverse and endless and we pride ourselves on producing the best performance we can deliver on every occasion.

West Yorkshire Function Band Tuxedo WWD 330 3 West Yorkshire Function Band Tuxedo WWD 330 4

Standard Corporate Services

Here is a list of our standard services for corporate events:

  • A 6pm arrival at your venue, then we require 90 minutes to set up and sound check
  • High quality PA system and adequate lighting
  • Live performance of your first dance if required/requested, chosen from our repertoire


Additional Upgrade Options

 And here are our besoke or upgraded service options:

  • Extra DJ service - we'll bring a separate dedicated professional DJ to mix songs seamlessly, take requests and make annoucements
  • Late finish (after midnight)
  • Early arrival (before 6pm)
  • 3 x 45 minute sets
  • Learn a song
Call 0845 108 5500
or click here to email
Call 0845 108 5500
or click here to email


What We'll Do At Your Corporate Event

Arrival, Set Up and Sound Check

Our first priority is make ourselves known to the staff working at your venue, we will introduce ourselves and then get straight to work. 

From there we will load in all our gear then knuckle down and start setting up, from the instruments we use to the microphones, speakers and lights. 

Our next task is to do a sound check where we will test the levels of the room to our best capabilities, we have many years of experience doing this so we will find the best sound for you and your guests on the night. 

If we do come across any issues such as a sound limiter, then this can be rectified before we perform. 

Please note that our standard time to set up and sound is around 90 minutes, we do appreciate you allow us to have this length of time so we can deliver a great sound. 

Some key advice for when you are searching for a venue for your event would be to check the venue accepts live bands and if they have a sound limiter. As long as it’s not set to a very low level, we can normally work around it and not have it affect the atmosphere and enjoyment of the evening.

After Set Up

When our sound check is complete and we are all happy with the sound levels, then we will slip off to our dressing room to get changed, refresh and relax before our first set. 

We highly recommend that you speak to the venue well in advance in regards to providing a room for us on the day of your event, as well as hot food and soft drinks. 

I’m sure you can agree that toilets are not sufficient for this purpose.

1st Live Set

This is usually around 8 to 9pm, if your event will be a wedding then we are more than happy to start out first set straight after the first dance. 

Once our first set is complete, you and your guests have danced your socks off then we will break for 30 to 45 minutes. 

This gives us all time to refresh and recharge prior to our second set, a sufficient set of songs on a playlist will be played in the background through our PA system. 

If you have chosen to upgrade and gone for our DJ option then one of the band members will be on stand by ready to take requests as well as announcements.

2nd live set & end of the night

Here’s where we step it up a level, our song choices for the second set will have a higher energy to make the latter part of your night even more enjoyable. 

Unfortunately we will have to finish our live performance at some point, however we will keep the dance floor full until midnight with a cracking selection of songs from our DJ play list until 12 midnight where we really do then have to end.

Last but not least, we will then discreetly and quickly pack down our equipment and instruments to allow us to make our way home after what will be a fantastic night at your event.


If you have any specific questions that are not in our FAQs or would like to discuss arrangements with regards to booking me in greater detail, please feel free to get in touch with my agents at Alive Network on 0845 108 5500 they'll be more than happy to discuss your requirements and answer any questions you may have. Thanks!